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A Unique Approach To Tele-Sales

Reduce travelling time by offering web consultances

Increase sales due to custom-tailored proposals and an all media-coverage

Maximize customer satisfaction through an interactive web presentation

 Reduce preparation time and work effort through automated, standard sales processes

Reduce costs for paper and printing due to a fully electronic sales process

nxWebPac™ is an online version of the nxPowerPac™, geared towards telesales.

nxWebPac™ provides the opportunity of a consultation through the web in the same individual, interactive, visually supported and lively manner. The sales rep and customer can communicate with each other from any place in the world, providing internet access exists.

With the help of  nxWebPac™, a telesales operator is, like a  premise sales consultant not only able to  give a presentation to a potential advertiser  but also to control and change its direction. With secure personalized online presentations available at the click of a button, the consumers participate and drive presentations based on their budget and needs. nxWebPac™ also includes a  calendar for appointment making and call tracking.

> PowerPac™


 Intuitive user interface

Unique Dual-Screen Approach

Personalized proposal creation based on customer and marketing data (360° customer view)

Automated, intelligent cross-media advertising bundle and Spec Art Creation

Logging of the entire sales consultation

Historical sales perfromance analysis

 Continuous data synchronisation with the back-end-system