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net-linxSales Support

Turn your sales reps into top performer


Increase sales across all media channels and platforms

Handle sales management and sales automation tasks

Create a unique customer experience

Easily drive adverting sales with the net-linx innovative sales tools

We understand the impact that excellent sales presentations can have on your business, which is why we developed a powerful software that can help you turn every sales consultant into a top performer. By automating so many everyday tasks, it frees your sales and marketing people to focus on their main objective.

The net-linx sales tools provide useful features for target-orientated processing of customer dialogues. The adaptive presentation engine guides the sales conversation while inspiring the consultant’s creativity. Your sales force can professionally, individually and system-supported sell advertising across all media. Complex pricing and payment conditions are handled with ease.

The dynamic presentation of the entire sales conversation via two screens (one screen for your sales rep and one screen for your customer) makes our sales solutions unique in the market. Due to the presentation function the media consultant is able to individually address customers on-site or via a web session.