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Production fulfilment could be that easy


Easily handle your entire Digital & Print production

Fully automate your best-quality production
Meet your fulfilment deadlines

Streamline and simplify your digital fulfillment process.

Use nxWorkflow as your versatile tool to respond to individual customer requests, with a guaranteed delivery on time. Its ability to manage distributed teams and assign tasks to staff in remote offices assures a smooth, cost-saving production. Thanks to the flexibility of nxWorkflow, you will be able to represent every fulfillment workflow you may have in mind.

Easily manage the entire ad workload

Looking for an efficient way to manage ad creation (sold or spec ad)? The net-linx advertisement production workflow solution allows publishers to manage their ad workload. This easy-to-use software aids in proper ad management in-house or outsourced. It covers all the activities required to design and create the ads and offers the ability to send completed ads to advertisers for proofing.

Fully automate your print production

The best pages on time … everytime! Dynamic publishing with the intelligent award-winning directory pagination solution allows publishers of yellow or white pages to make their pagination process fast, accurate and highly efficient. With an automated page layout engine that can be configured flexibly according to your business rules, the pagination solution reduces filler percentage, page count and allows manual intervention.