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SIINDA is the Search & Information Industry Association, the leading European based non-profit association bringing together companies in the search (digital, mobile, print, vertical directories and platforms), information, and telecommunication sectors as well as businesses providing “on demand” services. They have global members from Asia to Latin America and from Africa to Australia. SIINDA provides a wide range of member services from market research to conferences and summits. SIINDA is a resource forum where complementary market segments in search and information can connect, share, and grow. SIINDAs worldwide network of members fosters the exchange of ideas and the encouragement of partnerships.

Industry Excellence Award, Category: Sales and Marketing Automation, Valencia 2017

SIINDA Conferences


The Association provides its members with up-to-date industry communications, research, legal and legislative support, conventions, and numerous programs and services. Today, ADP is at the forefront of nearly all important industry initiatives, including protecting publishers’ competitive rights and serving as a trusted source of relevant information and data essential for the effective operation and continuing prosperity of its members.

The ADP provides its members with industry-relevant communications, content-rich conventions and workshops, strong public policy advocacy, and a variety of support programs and services to encourage the growth of independent publishers.



The Local Search Association (LSA) is a not-for-profit industry association of media companies, agencies and technology providers who help businesses market to local consumers. LSA has about 300 members in 20 countries and the Association helps these members realize the power of local marketing and commerce through conferences, consulting, insights, advocacy and more.

  • YPA Innovation Award, 2006
  • YPA Industry Excellence Gold Award for “Supplier of the Year”, 2007


VDAV – Verband Deutscher Auskunfts- und Verzeichnismedien e. V.

VDAV is an independent trade association and the prime organization for German directory publishers. It protects the interests of approximately 170 members who consist of mainly medium sized media companies that produce directory information in many forms across Germany, be they printed, on CD-ROM, internet databases or voice information.

VDAV holds an annual members meeting/trade show as well as several different seminars and training programs (such as the ‘maximum performance guidance and coaching for sales teams’) throughout the year. VDAV actively promotes the directory publishing industry and also has working groups and project groups open for its members to develop relationships with each other. Members also benefit from the current supply of industry information, products and research available from VDAV.

net-linx has been awarded two of VDAV’s esteemed Gold Awards:

  • VDAV Gold Award for the Yellow Pac™, 2007
  • VDAV Gold Award for the SalesTop™, 2008