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Dynamic Publishing Graphics Management

Improve the management of all aspects of ad production and graphic workflow

Enhance cost-effectiveness with an efficient support for co-located and distributed graphic teams

Increase quality and timeliness by real-time monitoring of media production status

Easy to integrate into industry-standard graphic applications

nxAdSmart™ is a key component of any advertising graphics and production department, providing complete, distributed media production workflow to the entire team. The graphics production solution providing functionality to advertising publishers around the globe. Its use of leading-edge technologies combined with integration with industry-standard graphics applications provides value to all stakeholders in the graphic

nxAdSmart™ provides production managers with assignment management and tracking capabilities. Similarly, artists can work on-site or remotely, reviewing/updating assignments and sending/receiving graphics. This workflow is complete, yet does not force a specific workflow on any member of the team.

nxAdSmart™ works with leading industry graphics applications, but does not attempt to take control of them. This allows the artist to preserve both group and individual working styles and best practices, as well as use all features of the integrated applications. Upgrades to newer revisions of these applications are also smoother, ensuring that productivity enhancements are always available to the artist and team.

nxAdSmart™ can also bring the customer into the workflow, with its ability to provide approval of graphics via fax or custom web interface.

Defined user access for administrators, team leaders or artists

Intuitive drag and drop system

Workflow support for any kind of media production

Tracking of workloads, individual artist performance and ad inventory status

Automatic ad template generation (with basic customer information and standard layout)

Process common tasks in the background (e.g. creating proofs, storing and validating ads)