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Your Benefits

net-linxYour Benefits

Why nxSuite is the best choice for your directory business?

What else can you expect from using the nxSuite?

Concentrate on your core business while simultaneously cutting costs

Our sophisticated cross-platform solutions will automate many – if not all – of your processes. Publishers who implement our high-end solutions are free to concentrate on their core business or pursue strategic ambitions for corporate growth. A centralized database increases efficiency and transparency, as well as stabilizing processes. The use of our highly integrated solutions results in accelerated production cycles and reduces costs for maintenance and administration.

Realize rapid and individualized success

In addition to being user-friendly, the net-linx platform allows for comprehensive configuration possibilities to suit individual needs, without the need for extensive and expensive customization. A strong and flexible back-end gives you a large variety of options. In addition to these benefits, our comparatively short implementation cycles lead to shorter payback periods and an increased Return on Investment.

Manage data effortlessly throughout all directory media platforms

Due to the high-quality data collection and conversion feature set, it’s a breeze to organize, classify, verify and professionally publish all data in all forms of media: print, online or mobile.

Optimize your advertising, increase your sales and improve your image and market position

Access to state-of-the-art sales tools enables your sales force to focus their efforts on sustainable, customer-oriented ad selling. These tools enhance sales automation, drive cross-media sales, and encourage up selling and bundle selling. Complex pricing and payment conditions are handled with ease.

Enjoy the confidence of a reliable system performance

The combination of our products and services have proven to produce an incredibly reliable and trustworthy long-term systems environment. The net-linx systems environment curtails downtime risk to a minimum. net-linx has several options, which can make our excellent team available for any customer’s support needs.