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Discover the Ease of Success with net-linx

Data publishing cross-media – whether print, online or mobile – can be as easy as playing with a yo-yo. Our comprehensive nxSuite solution enables modern publishers to handle everyday tasks with ease, and adapt rapidly to current market trends. Once active on the net-linx platform, publishers will benefit almost automatically from the integrated feature set, thus ensuring the highest operational efficiency and opening the door to increased revenues for your business. Each process, starting with data management, through ad sales and production, to pagination and customer relations becomes almost as easy as playing with a child’s toy.

Optimize your entire publishing workflow! Save costs and valuable time! Attract new customers and open up completely new markets! And experience all this while still having a relaxed workday!

What is your strategy to optimize your directory business?

Due to the modular system of the nxSuite you can pick the module which suits best to reach your business goals. Whether you want to cut cost by optimizing the entire publishing workflow or focus on highly efficient working divisions – net-linx provides the appropriate solution package and services for your directory organization and offers the right tools to the right people.

Who has the data is King. Who can manage the data is King Kong. With the net-linx end-to-end ERP solution you as a publisher can easily manage mass data with different formats in one highly integrated database, provide your staff with up-to-date information and publish the verified data throughout all media platforms. Read more

In today’s demanding marketplace, advertising representatives are expected to sell and communicate a complex product suite. In a unique and unprecedented way the net-linx sales solutions make it much easier to drive one-to-one selling, pursue multi-media strategies, maximize sales opportunities and anticipate customer needs. Read more

Telephone books are still enjoying great popularity. But expensive maintenance of software and hardware considerable cut the profits of a publisher. It is therefore all the more important to optimize the print publishing process. net-linx solutions will help you cut production, technology and labor costs. Read more

The crowd using the web, mobile touch screen devices and social media networks continues to grow every day. That is why you as a publisher have a great opportunity to strengthen the existing relationship with SMBs and win new customers. With the net-linx digital publishing solutions you will revolutionize your web presence and create new revenue opportunities with online and mobile advertising. Read more

Publish and sale ads thoughout all media plattforms and channels

The net-linx overall solution nxSuite enables your staff to consolidate mass data with different formats (document, photo, video, audio) and from different sources in one highly integrated database. With our sophisticated single source publishing solution it is then a breeze to organize, classify, verify and publish all data in all forms of media (directory, online ad, mobile ad, microsite or classifield). Thereby it is possible to pursue multimedia strategies with ease. In addition our platform has an open design to also comprising future data and ad formats.