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Why you can always count on net-linx
Our service standards

Our proven Services

Data Conversion

The nx Data Conversion Team appraises your data integration needs and options and takes care of the full job of converting data from different sources into one integrated database.

Your benefits

Boost productivity by automating manual processes

Eliminate data redundancy

Eliminate different data formats

Pagination Outsourcing

nx Pagination Hosting Solutions offers a wide variety of pagination services for your directory product, from raw data import and formatting through to press-ready production files.

With nx Pagination Hosting Solutions, you simply supply the data and graphics, and we supply the finished product.

Your benefits

Reduced labour costs
(no additional training or staff required)

Reduced implementation costs
(no additional software or platform upgrades required)

Minimum turn-around for time-sensitive deadlines


The nx Implementation team of experienced project managers and Business analysts supports your project team in order to achieve the goal of the Project in time and within cost limits and makes sure you consider all technical,
organizational and staffing aspects of a smooth system implementation.

Your benefits

Cost savings due to minimized customization by streamlining internal business processes

Time saving due to a faster implementation period

Appropriate match of your objectives and minimal interface requirements


The nx Installation Services Team offers services commencing with the infrastructure planning and continuing up to the point of going live. This covers hardware and software planning, software installation, upgrading/tuning of Oracle databases and the maintenance of client-server systems.

Your benefits

Increase performance of data processing by adequate scaling of Infrastructure Components

Reduce implementation duration and related costs due to it-services from one source

Get technical training for your IT-Service Personnel during installation and later on

Our IT-Services in detail

Infrastructure Planning

A planning process is designed to find the right hardware and software concept which will allow a smooth move of your current to the future IT infrastructure by taking portfolio of legacy software and new nx software into consideration.

Analysis of high-availabilty concepts

If you deploy high-availability systems, we can as part of the infrastructural planning verify your concepts and suggest adoptions.

Installation & Configuration of Software

Knowing our products and how they work together with third-party software, especially with Oracle databases, we aim to maximize the performance of the entire system in alignment with your approved hardware- and software concept.

Database Installation & Tuning

In case your company is not using Oracle you may mandate us to perform the installation and configuration of Oracle databases on suitable hardware and Oracle corp. certified platforms. We will support you in finding the adequate license model that fits your requirements best.

Remote Database & Application Server Maintenance

You may opt for a maintenance agreement covering remotely accessible database servers as well as for application servers.

On-site or Remote Upgrade of Software & Database

Product release cycles of third party products trigger also adequate net-linx product re-certifications. Therefore we offer also the upgrade service of any third party product in alignment of the release notes and certifications being published of all involved software, including upgrades to newer releases.

Technical Training Service

Our experienced Trainers enable your staff to maintain application and database servers (e.g. Oracle) and client workstations respectively virtualization servers (e.g. Citrix, Terminal Server).