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Full Featured End-to-End Enterprise Resource Planning

Easily handle mass data from different sources

Manage data with different formats in only one single, robust database

Increase data accuracy and quality of published content by using configurable check routines

Boost productivity by automating manual processes with the help of rule-based configuration tools

Realize more time for your core business like ad selling

nxDSMP is an integrated end-to-end ERP solution for directory publishers. The industry-proven solution nxDSMP provides easy management of the core aspects of publishing directory content: from processing the inbound listing data, supporting Sales and Sales Managers, data entry and graphics, through to the Customers Relations group and Finance.

The single database approach and integrated business components provide everything needed to create high-quality directories; from managing listings and sales leads to strategic campaign planning to effective product selling, all the way through to preparing precise output to print or other media.

nxDSMP maintains customer information from various sources including telephone companies. This data is then updated throughout the single database providing up-to-date information across departments, eliminating repetitive data keying.

Automated mass data processing

Highly configurable for best matching with individual business processes

Client-defined GUI enhancements

Flexible and client-defined ad types for any media (WYSIWYG editing of print ads)

Interfaces to all other net-linx products or third-party systems

Listing Management (single point of entry for all customer data changes)

Campaign Management (automated campaign planning, tracking and control)

Order Workflow (proposal, contract and ad handling)

Customer Relations (query, compliant and discount handling)

Finance (ad billing and booking, payment tracking)