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Net-linx at a glance

net-linx is full-range provider of software Solutions for Directory Publishers and the Local Search Industry. For more than 25 years, publishers like yellow or white pages all over the world have been relying on net-linx to provide them with superior solutions and services for optimizing their processes for digital content or traditional print production and creating immediate business value.

net-linx comes from a long history of Directory Publishing. The software company was founded in 1990 in Edmonton, Canada under the company name PRE PRINT, later to become net-linx Americas, with the vision to equip publisher with comprehensive business management and publishing systems from a single source.  The story of “Ease of Success” started with the first artificial intelligence-based pagination engine; now being continued with excellent sales supporting software and digital production workflow.

Why you should work with us

Who we are

We are a team of Software Developers and Testers, Business and Data Analysts, Databank Administrators  and Trainers. With more than 25 business years all net-linx employees have extensive experience within the directories and Local Search industry and a in-depth understanding of directories workflow processes.

What we do

Combining world-class IT expertise with 25 years of experience, net-linx delivers powerful solutions that enable many directory publishers worldwide to effectively improve their bottom-line. Our proven cost-savings solutions reduce the complexity of the publishing process while simultaneously providing  publishers with tools to introduce new multimedia, online and wireless products and noticeably increase revenue.
This ensures immediate business value by streamlining production processes in ad sales, ad production or  the creation and publishing of editorial content. Our well-designed tools let your staff focus on their primary  jobs, thus improving productivity.

How we work

We are industry specialists with a deep interest in the best way to meet the varying needs of diverse directory  publishers. Because of this, our discussions center on the best possible outcome of a project, net-linx treats its clients fairly and will do its utmost to help each publisher meet its objectives. We believe that, as a  customer, you will find working with net-linx enjoyable as well as effective.

Meet some of our team members

Holm Hallbauer

Chief Executive Officer of net-linx since 25 years. 

Heike Adam
Product Manager

Functional design of nxDSMP. Defining of product requirements with customer.

The net-linx story

From Print to Online Publishing

2010 and beyond

Directories are still alive – whether print, online or mobile. Sales Representatives are expected to sell a complex product Suite.

net-linx launched its innovative sales tools, nxPowerPac and nxWebPac, which enable the publishers sales team to drive advertising sales across all media platforms, on-site or via a web-session. net-linx now counts 24 successful installations of Directory Business Management and Publishing Systems worldwide.


The era of the Internet has begun. Directories are almost written off. Quite the contrary, telephone books are still enjoying great popularity. New media formats such as classifieds or Online advertising complement classical print publishing formats.

net-linx is expanding the product portfolio to also comprise electronic media and started with the development of Internet Portal Solutions. Due to the new advertising graphic development system, nxAdSmart, a well-established publisher in Canada can increase its productivity by up to 30 percent.


It all started with Pagination.

net-linx is honored with the prestigious ITEA Award for nxPageSmart, the first artificial intelligence-based pagination engine, and successfully implement the present core product nxDSMP for the first time. Due to the full-featured end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning solution, publishers are now able to manage their data in only one integrated database.