Picture Dummy nxDA provides publishers with a simple and  efficient web based solution for voice  Directory Assistance and operator assisted  Yellow Pages services. It delivers  exceptionally accurate up-to-date customer  information for Directory Assistance with  efficient presentation of the search results  tailored for agent based environments.   nxDA helps to lower cost for serving  Directory Assistance calls and empowers  operators to become customer care agents.  Direct Integration The fast and user-friendly query tool is fully integrated with the Enterprise Directory Backend System. The  very same information used in printed directories like White and Yellow Pages as well as data used in on-line  advertising presentations can so be re-purposed at virtually no cost. The system business layer is designed  to connect with net-linx’ Enterprise Directory backend database to retrieve accurate and always up-to-date  data, which are maintained within the backend system.  Browser-Based GUI The GUI is hardware and operating system independent and operable with common Internet browsers like  MS Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. The solution provides you with opportunities for generating new  revenue, as simple listing information can be enriched with paid-for information and additional advertising  data such as search key words, priority information, etc. Well-arranged display of query results in a web browser. HOME > PRODUCTS > nxDA nxDA PROMOTION net-linx Europe GmbH Germany 01309 Dresden Käthe-Kollwitz-Ufer 76-79 Tel: +49 (351) 31875-0 Fax: +49 (351) 31875-55 e-mail: info@net-linx.com QUICK CONTACT nxDA – Your Directory Assistance Solution    Features Quick Search Functionality Single multi-content search field to locate data based on Customer Name  Address Locality Email Address Heading Description  Advanced Search Functionality Multiple search fields to locate data based on combinations of First Name, Last Name Postal Code, Locality, Street, House Number Telephone, Fax, Email, URL  Heading, Business Area, Keywords Search Results Consider customer-defined restriction rules  Show ads based on original informational source  Alphabetic Base sorting Priority based sorting (Price, Seniority) if desired  Highlighted search phrase in search results  Can be sent to caller by SMS or e-mail Local Search Functionality and Presentation of Target Possible to integrate location on map Show target location on map to operator  Show distance between location of caller and target location to operator  Configuration of GUI Theme Theme and style to adopt corporate identity  Localization  Labels, Messages, Help Home | About us | Careers | Partners | Download | Contact Benefits Accurate information direct from your database  No additional cost for interfaces  Lower cost for serving Directory Assistance calls  Opportunity for new revenue   Benefits Direct Integration Browser-based GUI Features Download Legal Notice | Copyright © 2011 net-linx - All Rights Reserved