AWARD WINNING SYSTEMS ! net-linx is proud to be the first systems provider to introduce a full range of new products covering the needs of a modern Publisher.  The package contains the following suite of products:  nxDSMP, nxPageSmart, nxAdSmart, nxPortal, nxDA, nxApp For over 20 years, directory publishers have been relying on net-linx to provide them with superior solutions for optimizing their publishing process  while also increasing the accuracy and quality of their books.   net-linx provides robust end-to-end Yellow Page directory solutions designed specifically to help publishers create immediate business value.  From lead management to campaign planning, from contract management to production and payment tracking, net-linx helps you to get the job  right the first time. With the further development of the Internet and new media, publishers worldwide have consistently chosen our technology solutions as an  integral part of their multi-media market strategies. Why? The net-linx team develops cutting-edge technology solutions that incorporate market  trends and consumer demands to effectively help them drive sales and e-solutions.  Click on our Solutions to find out more on how we can help you stand out from your competitors!   Home | About us | Careers | Partners | Download | Contact

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